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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding this web site. We hope they are useful. If you can't find an answer to a question you have, just CLICK HERE to send us a note and we will do everything we can to promptly answer your question.

What is 800-if-accident?

800-if-accident offers vanity toll-free numbers for your business/professional office. Vanity toll-free numbers help businesses reinforce their brand name and recognition while offering their customers free and easy telephone access to their products and services. 800-if-accident offers premium toll-free "800" numbers for business/professional offices across the country. Our toll-free numbers allow businesses across the country exclusive rights to a toll-free number for calls originating in their city, state or country. In other words, you can have 1-800- TAX-7790 in Kansas while someone else uses 1-800-TAX-7790 in Maine.

How do I order toll-free service from 800-if-accident?

Simply search by keyword or CLICK HERE to browse the categories and review the available toll-free numbers. After you find a toll-free number that meets your needs, you can submit a request to check availability for that 800 number by using the interactive form, which you will find upon clicking on the toll-free number. If you are unable to find the perfect toll-free number, then you may SEND US A NOTE describing your needs and we will research our database and the national toll-free database to ascertain if there are any available Toll-Free Numbers that would meet your needs. CLICK HERE to send a note to the company. We will then notify you by e-mail whether that number is available in the area codes, city or state(s) that interest you. In that e-mail, you will find instructions that will allow you to signup online for toll-free service for that particular toll-free number.

Can I cancel the toll-free service anytime?

Yes. With there are no complicated long-term contracts. You can end your vanity toll-free service anytime. We do ask that you please give us 30 days notice in writing.

Can you rush the activation of the toll-free service?

Of course, we can. Our company policy is to have the toll-free number activated within 5 business days, however, if you are in a rush for the toll-free service, then you may contact after you place the order and ask for expedited service. We will then have the toll-free number activated within 1-2 business days at no additional charge.

Can I get one toll-free number to ring to my regular phone line and another toll-free number to ring to my fax line?

Yes. Many companies order 2 toll-free numbers since in addition to speaking to a company on their toll-free line, customers love to fax their orders to a toll-free fax line. (e.g. 800-FAX-****)

If I have already a toll-free number, can I get another toll-free number from to ring to the same line?

Yes. You can have 2 or more toll-free numbers! The new toll-free number can ring to same line as the old toll-free number so you can let previous customers use the old 800 number and you can use the new 800 number for future business. In fact, many companies have established separate toll-free numbers for different product lines, special advertising and PR promotions, fax lines, sales lines, customer service lines etc.

I performed a toll-free number search and no matches were found-What can I do?

1-It is important to be as general as possible in your search. The best method to improve your search results for possible toll-free number matches is to search with keywords that are very general. E.g., if you were searching for roses, then enter flower as a keyword instead of using roses as your keyword. Another method to improve your search results is to avoid using plurals. E.g., if you were searching for books, then enter book as a keyword instead of using books as your keyword. Click here to Search again.

2-You may browse through the general categories on the homepage.

3-Or, you may send us an e-mail describing your needs and we will research our database to ascertain if there are any toll-free numbers that would meet your needs. Click here.

How long will it take 800-if-accident to respond to an availability request for a toll-free number?

800-if-accident strives to maintain its reputation as being one of the best in customer service and the company policy is to respond to all toll-free number requests within 4 hours of receipt during regular business hours and within 24 hours during weekends.

Do I need to install a new telephone line for the toll-free number?

No, there is no need to install a new or separate phone line for the 800 number. The 800 number will ring through any number you choose, including your existing business line, your home phone, cell phone, etc.

Do I have to register on the site?

No and yes. No sign-up is necessary to search for a toll-free number or to browse the categories for an appropriate toll-free number.

How much does it cost?

800-if-accident offers low cost toll-free telephone service through its relationships with telecommunications service providers; Only 9 ¾ cents per minute--any time, any day, 24 hours a day, seven days a week for all interstate toll-free calls. Click here to view our low intrastate rates. Low monthly fees. There is a one time $95 setup fee as payment for all of the work performed by our team in regard to the rapid processing of your application and for the prompt setup of your toll-free service.

What if I move or open a new office-what happens to my toll-free number?

No problem. Just contact our customer service department, and we will change the toll-free number to ring to the new local number that you designate.

Do I have to notify my local telephone company about the toll-free service?

No. Our vanity toll-free service is a separate service that we will setup to ring to any local telephone number that you choose. Your local telephone company will not be aware of your vanity toll-free service.

What is the 800-if-accident Referral Program?

The 800-if-accident Referral Program is a terrific opportunity for those that do not have a web site and recognize the profit potential of referring customers to use our services. This is particularly valuable for Public Relations and advertising agencies. 800-if-accident will pay a referral commission to any person/company who refers a customer that uses our services. You can earn an up-front $25 for each new customer you refer that signs up for the toll-free services AS WELL AS 5% of every month's bill for as long as the customer uses the service. CLICK HERE to refer a customer to 800-if-accident!

Does 800-if-accident have an affiliate program?

Yes. We'd love to have you as a member of our Affiliate Network. As an affiliate member you can earn an up-front $25 for each new customer that signs up for the toll-free services AS WELL AS 5% of every month's bill for as long as the customer uses the 800 number service. CLICK HERE to join the 800-if-accident Affiliate Network and be paid a commission for every customer click-through from your site to 800-if-accident that results in a successful sale of our services.

HELP! I'm still lost after reading the FAQ. Who do I contact?

If you can't find an answer to a 800 number question that you have, just CLICK HERE to contact us and we will promptly answer your question.

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